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Local travel agencies in Pieria organize interesting excursions both within the prefecture and to surrounding areas at very reasonable prices.

Moreover easy access by road allows you to plan your excursion either using public transport or local taxis or private cars.
Northern Pieria: Destinations for excursions here are the beaches and the Alikes wetlands. The same area is also home to leading archaeological sites well worth a visit such as the Neolithic settlement at Makrigialos, the neighboring Ancient Pydna and the Byzantine bishop’s palace complex at the location known as “Louloudies”.
Following the coastal road from Alikes Kitros to Agathoupoli the traveler will come to the endless Aliakmonas wetlands. Here why not sample fresh mussels from the area in one of Agathoupoli’s fish taverns. It is worth continuing on into the mountainous hinterland to the interesting town of Kolindros.

Central Pieria: Travelling around is made easy with the Olympic Beach - Korinos coastal road. Inland it is worth taking time out to visit the Pieria Mountains to admire their natural beauty, their monuments and historical villages. To get there take the Katerini - Elassona National Road and the roads branching off it. Of some importance is the Byzantine church of Eisodion Theotokou in Petra, the old Agiou Georgiou Monastery near Ritini and the Church of Panagia Palioziaziakou.
Elatohori is home to an organized ski centre with a central piste of 2.300 meters, a peripheral piste 4.800 m long and a beginner’s one 250 m long.

Southern Pieria: Along the coastal zone excursions include the beaches and their tourist resorts. Inland there are many sights to be seen such as Olympus with its remarkable natural beauty, its traditional villages and historical monuments. Olympus is ideal for walking and mountaineering. A relatively easy path, among others, begins from Litochoro, follows the E4 path, crosses the Enipeas Gorge and reaches as far as old Agiou Dimitriou Monastery, passing by waterfalls and lakes and keeping to the course taken by the river. At the location known as Prionia at an altitude of 1.100 m, walkers can find a hospitable snack bar and restaurant. Prionia can also be reached from Litochoro by car via a forest road 18 km long. Other paths also begin from Prionia leading to higher altitudes. The archaeological site and museum at Dion are strong attractions for visitors. Southern Pieria has many historical monuments including the archaeological site of Ancient Livithra and the Byzantine Castle of Platamon.

Outside Pieria: One common destination is Meteora taking a route that passes through the Vale of Tembi. Another common place visited is Mount Pelion near Volos from where a boat can be taken to Skiathos island. To the north, close by, are the archaeological sites of Vergina and Pella, while Thessaloniki lies only 70 km away. From Thessaloniki you can go on to visit Mount Athos, once all the special formalities required have been taken care of. And, of course, heading south you can visit Delphi, Athens and Corinth, all of which lie only a few hours from Katerini.
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