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Pieria has extensive public transport infrastructures with a national road, inter-regional and regional road network, bus and train services.
Katerini lies just 80 km from the Macedonia International Airport and 70 km from Thessaloniki to which it is connected by the high-speed National Road E75.

The E75 crosses Pieria from north to south allowing you to rapidly travel to any point along the coast or continue your journey on to Larisa or Athens.

As far as Katerini the old Thessaloniki - Katerini National Road, which runs in parallel with the E75, can also be used. From the capital of Pieria the road branches off towards Elassona crossing the mountain ranges from east to west.

The regional road network covers all local needs. A coastal road stretches along the length of the coastline from Nea Agathoupoli as far as Olympic Beach. Another begins from Gritsa Litochoro and reaches as far as Platamonas.

Covering the length of Pieria in parallel with the National Road lies the train network with many intermediate stops. Moreover, all villages and towns in the area are serviced by the local bus network (Pieria KTEL - KTEL is the abbreviation used for local bus companies throughout Greece).
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