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Katerini City

The focus of all activities in Pieria is the capital of the Prefecture, Katerini. It is the prefectural administrative centre, seat of the Prefectural Government Authority and pole of economic activity.

It has a strong tourist infrastructure and experienced travel agencies only too willing to help you get about. The local range of shops is extensive, capable of covering all needs.
Pedestrianized Megalou Alexandrou St. is the commercial center of Katerini, ideal for relaxing and shopping without the pressures of time.

It is surrounded by picturesque cafes, restaurants to suit all tastes and hundreds of retail stores with personal experience and training in serving visitors.

The city has specialized restaurants, hotels, banks, a healthcare infrastructure and anything else you as a visitor to Pieria might need. Located right at the heart of Pieria it is a major hub for local excursions.

The first visitor to cite Katerini was the traveler, W. M. Leake, who in 1806 recorded just 100 houses. During the 19th century the city grew and by 1912 its population had reached 8,000. Since then it has multiplied by eight due to the extensive development of the area.

To a large extent Katerini was inhabited by refuges who settled in Pieria, just as in the rest of Greece, when expelled from Asia Minor. Well worth a visit is the Pontus Folklore Museum, which keeps alive memories and displays heirlooms from the area of Asia Minor’s Black Sea coast.
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