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Cultural Activities

The cultural activities, which take place as part of the International Olympus Festival, held at the Ancient Theatre at Dion and the Castle of Platamon, are of great importance.

The International Folklore Festival also host important works. Together with other important cultural activities the summer months are full of top class theatrical and music shows.
The International Olympus Festival hosts leading international and Greek theatre companies which present ancient and modern drama. It also puts on modern theatre performances, ballet and concerts. In addition to the quality of the performers the Festival has a significant advantage in that the events are held in the impressive ancient theatre at Dion and the enchanting Castle of Platamon.

The International Folklore Festival presents traditional music and dance groups from all over the world. It is part of the International Council of Folklore and Traditional Arts Organizers (Conseil international des organisations de festivals de folklore et d'arts traditionnels - CIOFF). The particular festival is organized by the Katerini based Pieria Muses Association.

Cultural events in Pieria are rounded off with concerts and art exhibition. Moreover, experienced local theatre companies also operate in Pieria such as “Pegasus”, “Raches” Theatre Company, “Maskes” Theatre Company in Litochoro and the “Avlea” Theatre Workshop.
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