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Local Cuisine

In Pieria one can sample gastronomic traditions from the whole of Greece. Local cuisine makes particular use of the fruit of the sea and the mountain. At the same time, those of you with a more demanding palate will find a wide range of international cuisines available.

Hundreds of restaurants and taverns across all of Pieria serve up authentic dishes, healthy meals and taste delights.
At seaside restaurants you can choose between a wide range of fish and seafood. In mountainous areas you will find game, roast meat and traditional pies.

Well established in the area is traditional Macedonian cuisine renowned for the way in which meat is cooked and for its diary products with recipes combining all the advantages of the Mediterranean diet.

You can savor gastronomic delights, which combine olive oil, vegetables and seafood and the pique added to dishes by the herbs, oregano, mint and basil.

The range of pastries and drinks reflect the traditions of an area that has always stood out for its fine taste and remarkable flavors.
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