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Coastal Wetlands

Three major wetlands cover tens of thousand of square kilometers of Pieria. They are located a short distance from tourist resorts and are of great ecological importance.

The picturesque landscape and the unfamiliar colors that the magical combination of water and rare plant species hide will enchant even visitors with no direct ecological interests.
The River Aliakmonas Delta covers an area of 40.000.000 m2 and is one of the most important Deltas in Europe. Among its small, shallows lagoons and sand bars, dense shrubs and tall trees live foxes, jackals, badgers, hares and wildcats. 215 species of bird nest here with the most characteristic between the heron. The river is home to 33 fish species as well as toads, water turtles and water snakes. More than 500 plant species can be found here.

Alikes Kitros is an impressive lagoon covering 15.000.000m2. The rare species, which it is home to, are food for birds which gather in the area, including the pink flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber). A large population of Mediterranean turtles also lives in the lagoon.

The Nei Pori wetlands cover the northernmost section of the River Pineos Delta. They are home to 600 plant species, with areas of plane trees, shrubs, reeds and wild flowers. Among the plants live migratory and aquatic birds and legendary birds of prey from neighboring Kato Olympus.
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