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Mountainous Pieria: Pieria Mountains

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Mountainous Pieria: Pieria Mountains

The Pieria Mountains occupy the western side of Pieria. They are cut off from the mountainous massif of Olympus by Mount Titaros. Here one can find particularly scenic traditional villages. The peaks of the Pieria Mountains are frequently the end point for famous mountain routes. The Pieria Mountains have a good road network with country lanes, gravel and dirt tracks and mountaineering paths which are ideal not only for mountaineering per se but also for pleasant rambles in the picturesque environment. The road network is also ideal for outings by car.

The main peaks of the Pieria Mountains are Flambouro (2.197 m), Thoma Rachi (2.020 m), Sarakatsana (1.680 m), Saltapida (1.932 m) and Samari (2.002 m). Mountaineering activities are particularly well developed in Pieria. The Pieria Mountains have two mountain refuges.

The first is in the village of Ano Milia at an altitude of 1.000 m and the second in Sarakatsana at an altitude of 1.680 m. The route from Ano Milia to Flambouro passes through forests and along the banks of streams.

The route from Palea Vrya to Monacho Nero is particularly scenic, passing as it does via an ancient quarry.

Mountaineering path E4 crosses the Pieria Mountains and heads towards Olympus. The path passes next to Flambouro peak and the village of Ano Milia and descends to Kato Milia then continues on towards Olympus passing by Dion and reaching as far as Litochoro.

The Pieria Mountains are covered by forests of beech, oak, pine and fir while also playing home to a wealth of fauna.
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