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The real Pieria is the most beautiful

Most people know Pieria and Olympus from Greek mythology. Others have heard about it from the tales told by visitors to the area.
However, no matter how enchanting the myth is, no matter how flattering the information is, the Pieria that you, the visitor, will discover is the most beautiful.

Few places combine endless stretches of beach with golden sands and crystal clear seas, mountains with history and natural beauty, excellent tourist infrastructure, affordable prices and above all excellent public transport bringing transport time down to a matter of minutes.

Few places combine so many different types of holiday along 70 kilometers of coastline from quiet, family resorts to weekend outings for the young and restless.

Few places can combine completely different forms of entertainment, leisure and cultural activities like Pieria can, thanks to its geographical diversity, long history and the friendly, hardworking and reliable nature of its people.
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